Beaumaris, Anglesey

At over 14 metres wide but only 3 metres deep this is an unusually-shaped garden and it gets little sun to boot!  Of paramount importance was breaking up the ‘corridor’ effect that was overpowering, while not making the separation of spaces feel contrived. 

 Our solution was to make the main bed raised and diagonally bisect the whole garden, with a path that meanders through it.  We planted it up mostly with woodland plants from Crûg Farm Plants, and for a shady garden we’ve put in a lot of colour!



Anglesey, North Wales

Project Length
2 weeks

What we did
Our version of country cottage, varying levels, colour in shade

A beautiful transformation! Inspirational is how one of my friends has described the transformation of my long, narrow strip of garden into a place of beauty and interest. This is all down to the vision, creativity and expertise of Propagating Dan. The landscaping and use of materials are amazing and the planting has resulted in the jungly but floaty look I wanted. It was a big ask but the result is impressive and I love it!
— Maggie, Anglesey