Barbican, London

"We'd like a modular garden that blends with the iconic architecture of the Barbican centre" went the brief from our esteemed clients, says Dan, possibly paraphrasing.

Exposed to the elements but with a stunning location in the heart of the city, we built large trough planters in marine-grade plywood that sit on industrial coasters.  Planted up with bamboo and anenomes for mobile screening, the garden can be easily reconfigured by wheeling the planters to wherever currently tickles one's fancy.  Downstairs on the mostly-shady balcony we planted Snowy Woodrush, an evergreen that also sprouts gorgeous starry flowers.  Back up on the roof, in Spring, underused evergreen (or more accurately, ever-red) Dodonaea's papery purple leaves combine beautifully with Tulip 'Ronaldo'.  Summer finds the Mexican Daisy proliferating amongst Agapanthus and Cape Daisies, whilst the long slender inflorescences of giant Golden Oats look mesmerising backlit by the late Summer sun.



Project Date
April 2012

Project Length
2 weeks

What we did
Wheelable planters, a pot rockery and a Persian Silk Tree for good measure