RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

Project Length
40 weeks planning, 9 days to build

What we did
Balance, potential energy, Icelandic meadows, Buddhist sense of oneness, Snowdonia boulders

Propagating Dan was awarded a Silver-gilt medal for his show garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.  So proud!

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Fiona, dan's chelsea garden sketch copy.jpg

We don't do 'themes' (but here are a few of our inspirations!)…

The Garden of Potential had a multitude of influences; from the inherent energy held within boulders that perch on Snowdonia's mountainsides (rocks are slow life), to the idea of oneness in Buddhist teaching, to dew-spattered meadows beside Icelandic waterfalls.  What this garden didn't have was a theme.  To Dan, garden design should be praised or critiqued on its own merits.  Themes and tenuous metaphors are a lazy way to justify our art form, no matter how worthy the cause.  Dan wanted this garden, as any he designs, to provoke a response in the visitor itself (no guidebook necessary).

But, since you ask, here are some of the ideas that came out of the wellspring and come together in The Garden of Potential…

Pathfence - a path that becomes a fence.  Inspired by the poorly-constructed fence at Dan's old Peckham lodgings that blew over in a mild gust.  Inside or outside, where is the boundary and do we need them in gardens? 

Elaborate Gutter - the disdain for rain means we funnel it away as soon as it hits the earth.  Let's enjoy the journey!  Our floating rill channelled it through Carlo Scarpa-inspired shapes of oak so we could appreciate the precipitative experience a little more.

But Dan would be happy if you didn't know any of this, as long as the garden left an impression on you.  Preferably a good one, but he's not fussy.

Read more about The Garden of Potential on the RHS website

We built the garden with the generous support of


Thanks also to Island Water Services Ltd. and Cemlyn Williams Agricultural Contractors!