Peckham front garden

We may not have had room to swing a cat, but we managed to fit a cantilevered oak table, oak block seating for six and drop-down green-roofed triple wheelie bin sheds into this tiny-footprinted space in South London.

Alongside the eating/drinking area, a carved oak arch loops over the path to the front door, with the huge-leaved ornamental grape vine twining through it.  Raised beds conceal the bins below, planted with desert Acacia and contorted Citrus.  Solid oak sleepers contain cut-out planters for succulents and drought-tolerant plants such as Hedgehog Broom.  A window-box carries the aesthetic, using more xerophytes such as Aeoniums and Cotyledon.


Peckham, London

Project length

4 weeks

What we did

Maximum use for minimum area, recycle materials, socialise the space

Above all, this is a social garden; a place to catch the evening sun while nattering with passing neighbours over a cold drink