The Wisdom Garden at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Buddhist Centre, Austrian Alps

Austrian Alps

Project Length
4 weeks

What we did
Garden design, Landscaping, Planting, Maintenance


Gomde Buddhist Centre nestles in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.  It provides an authentic environment for the study and practice of Buddhism, making its rich heritage available to an international audience.

The centre is housed in an impressive manor house sheltering a large inner courtyard.  Its fifteen acres of land includes a small natural forest and offers breath-taking views.  We were asked to design a garden to replace the car park, and it's been a wonderful process of transformation.  Climatic restrictions made for much research, but over the last few years we've overseen The Wisdom Garden's development into a place of unfolding beauty.  Cloud-pruned incense Junipers mark the four corners of the raised area, a spring-fed pool is dotted with boulders and cotton grass, and an infinite looping path encourages contemplation.

The Wisdom Garden.jpg

A dream project!

It is an incredibly joyful and industrious place and we are extremely proud to have played a part in its regeneration through The Wisdom Garden.  We are hatching plans to work with Gomde, Austria over the coming years on landscape projects including designing important gardens around a huge temple which will be built, creating a beautiful 40m naturalistic bio-pool and building an outdoor sauna!  Did we say it's a dream project?